Top Gantt Chart Tools for Project Management
Gantt Chart Tool is a tool for project management that allows you to visualize project plans. The project management tools are crucial for achieving project goals in the timeframe. Gantt Chart Tool organizes project information and monitors it.
Gantt Chart is a visual tool for project management that summarizes the data visually. It summarizes all details of the project and gives a clear understanding about the plan, timeline, as well as the resources. It is a great tool to manage tasks in complex or simple projects.
Gantt Chart Dependencies
It can be difficult to manage a project that has many tasks. Gantt Chart dependencies (also known as work dependencies) allow you to visualize how tasks in a project are connected and help you decide which task is most important for better project implementation.

Gantt Chart Tool Types
Gantt charts come in four types depending on the task dependencies.

Finish to start (FS).
The most common and logical dependency chart for a project is the finish-to-start one. This project activity follows the natural flow of tasks from one to the next. Task A must be completed before Task B can be executed.
Finish to finish (FF).
The predecessor task activity must also be completed before the successor task can be completed. Task B, for example, can only be completed once Task A has ended its activity.
Start to Finish (SF).
Project management is not known for its dependencies from start to finish. The secondary task can’t be completed until the first activity has begun. The secondary activity can be completed at any time after the first activity has ended. Task B, for example, must begin its activity before Task A has finished its activity.
Start to start (SS).
This type of Gantt Chart dependency states that the successor’s activity can only begin once the predecessor has completed its activity in the Gantt Chart. Task B, for example, cannot begin its activity before Task A.
Gantt Chart Software
Gantt Chart software is widely available for project management.

It is the best Gantt Chart program that allows you to drag and drop tasks and processes for every aspect of your project.

Instagantt features
– Multiple projects and workspace
– Deadlines and dependencies
Drag and Drop
– Subtasks, and Tasks
– Critical path
– Custom view and custom field
– The approximate cost and the actual cost
Gantt Chart and overview of work
– Team Collaboration: Task assignment and notification
– Export and share options
Instagantt plans and manages the project’s progress. It’s also the best place for collaboration with the project team. It allows everyone to keep up-to-date and informs them about their work.
TeamGantt features can be used for project scheduling. TeamGantt’s visible management of tasks allows users to efficiently manage projects. It’s a great option for managing tasks, timelines, and team engagement.
TeamGantt Features
Drag and Drop
– Guest permission
– Multiple projects can be viewed in one Gantt chart
ProofHub is a collection of tools that make project management simple and easy. ProofHub’s built in Gantt Chart makes it easy to plan, visualize and modify tasks. This is a great tool to help managers keep track of project tasks. Drag and drop allows you to change the task duration on a Gantt Chart. It also allows you to place dependencies between tasks.
ProofHub Features
Multiple calendar views
File and document sharing
– Markup tools to review and suggest edits
Bookmark tasks, projects, and discussions
ProofHub offers a variety features, including chat tools and markup options. This software is intended to simplify project management. The only problem with ProofHub is its slow loading speed.
The Wrike Gantt Chart includes an organizational design. The chart is easy to understand and includes the table view, assignees and task names, as well as the start and end dates.
Gantt Chart software is well-known for its workload view. This allows users to see performance and assign responsibility. The communication feature allows members to communicate with each other and make changes to a project.
Wrike Features
– Critical path
– Folder hierarchy
– Editing in collaboration with other editors
Wrike offers many features and options that can be used with different plans. Wrike has a number of plans that can make it difficult for you to choose the right plan.
Smartsheets are online spreadsheets that allow people to keep track of their information. It provides useful templates that allow you to add information to a pre-built project management template according to your needs.