• Group estimates could have been used for clarity on scope and assumptions, and to bring in more experience.
  • Jack should have sought to find the root cause of Mark’s problems and taken responsibility for it, rather than ignoring him.
  • Sue will hopefully use the information Jack provided to help her find the root cause of Mark’s problem and ensure that solid estimation practices are followed.
  • Sue’s sponsor is going to increase the estimates?
  • These inflated estimates will prove to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, according to Parkinson’s Law.

The worst thing is that Mark has been bitten. In the future, Mark will not trust any project manager who wants to implement Critical Chain Project Management. This is where padding is removed from individual tasks. It’s okay to go over individual tasks because you are shooting for a 50% chance to complete them on time. Mark and his project managers have created a barrier. Once you’re bitten, you’re twice shy. Do you have any similar stories? Do you have similar stories to share?