CompTIA Certified Trainer (CTT+), certification validates the instructor skills that the applicant has mastered in today’s learning environment. It also guarantees the applicant’s ability to teach with confidence. CompTIA CTT+ certified professionals can communicate, present, prepare, evaluate, and facilitate in a traditional or virtual classroom setting. More than 20,000 trainers are CTT+ certified worldwide today, and that number is steadily increasing.

This training program has been updated to meet the changing IT landscape. The CTT+ exam is divided into two parts: the theoretical computer-based part with multiple choice questions, and the practical video-based part in a physical or virtual environment. This certification is intended to make you a certified technical trainer.

CTT+ is trusted and accepted by top-notch organisations worldwide
Leading organizations like Microsoft, Network Solutions and Booz Allen Hamilton, Verizon and the U.S. Army consider CompTIA CTT+ a standard for ensuring that their trainers are skilled enough to teach their programs.

CTT+ increases confidence in teaching
CompTIA CTT+ certification will allow an individual to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to present, drive, analyze, and prepare a training session. To be eligible for certification, the individual must submit a video of the training session instruction. This ensures that they have sufficient teaching skills.

CTT+ validates important teaching modalities
A survey conducted by Training Associates found that 87% of respondents use ILT or instructor-led training as their main learning method. 74% of organizations have embraced blended learning, which combines ILT delivery with a mobile, video, or social component. CTT+ certification validates the skills of top instructors in both virtual and physical classrooms.

Requirements for CTT+ certification
Two fundamental requirements are required for CTT+ certification:
Computer-Based Exam (Theoretical).
First, applicants must take the computer-based exam. This test measures the applicant’s teaching skills.
Performance-Based Exam (Practical).
CTT+ certification has another requirement that must be met by the applicant. The practical video-based exam requires that the applicant record a video showing the key skills defined by IBSTPI. The instructor will be expected to demonstrate his/her actual training performance through this video. CompTIA has its own team to evaluate and review video-based training performance.

Key Differentiators
CompTIA CTT+, the only internationally recognized credential, requires a performance-based exam that is conducted via video submission. It is validated by independent scorers.
This certification is essential to assess one’s ability to instruct using various vendor-specific programs, including Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).

CompTIA CTT+ Certification Renewal
CompTIA CTT+ certifications are a lifetime asset and do not require renewal. For certifications that need to be renewed, visit our CompTIA Continuing Education Page.

CompTIA CTT+ Exam Details
CompTIA has provided a table that outlines all details regarding the CompTIA CTT+ certification.

Exam codes
CTT+ Essentials – TK0-201
CTT+ Classroom Performance Based Examination -TK0-202CTT+ Virtual Class Performance Based Exam-TK0 -203
Exam Description
CTT+ certification tests teaching skills in and out of the classroom, including facilitation, preparation, and evaluations of physical and virtual classrooms. Two exams are required to earn the certification. You will need to pass TK0-201 and TK0-203 in order to earn the certification.
Number of questions
Maximum 95 questions
Type of questions
Multiple choice questions (single or multiple response), and drag-and-drop
Test length
90 minutes
Instruction recording length must not exceed 17 minutes.
Passing Score
655 (on a scale from 100-900).
36 (on a scale from 48)
6- to 12 months experience as a trainer/instructor
6- to 12 months experience as a trainer/instructor

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