How Top Organizations Used Curiosity To Revamp Corporate Culture – Digital Project Manager

The world has changed. Why is this happening? Smartsheet transforms your work. It is crucial to recognize the importance to foster curiosity in employees, especially in a time of innovation-struggled organizations. Leaders know that maintaining status quo thinking can lead to inefficiency and even damage to their organization’s culture. Even the most successful companies can fall prey to the status-quo […]

Hive vs Mavenlink: Comparison and Review for 2022

Introduction When people think of modern project management tools, Mavenlink and Hive are two common names. While they share many similarities, they also have their own unique features that make them stand out. This article will help you choose between Hive or Mavenlink software products. My goal is to help you decide which of Mavenlink and Hive will be best […]

Hive Review 2022: Top Features, Expert Opinion, + Demo Video

Hive is a project management platform which can create Gantt charts and calendars, task list, and other project planning graphs. Summary Hive is a brand new project management tool on the market. It was founded by John Furneaux, Eric Typaldos and was launched in 2015. This tool is part project management, part AI. It combines features such as automated task […]

The Digital Project Manager – Hiring for Culture Add

Olivia Krowicka, gaming industry PM, will be speaking about strategies for hiring culture and fit. \ Olivia is a veteran digital project manager and currently leads a team at Electronic Arts. She also sits on an interview panel that focuses on ensuring that talent can thrive in the fast-paced, high-intensity world of game development. Bring your questions about team dynamics, […]

Hey CEOs, Physical Presence Doesn’t Equal Ambition

The world has changed. Why is this happening? Smartsheet transforms your work. Recently, something troubling has been happening on the airwaves. Although the world has largely created a distributed workforce that works almost immediately, many CEOs still believe that employees are productive and ambitious after spending five days in the office. This is not only a major insult but also […]

5 Phases of Project Management (Explained).

Each project has five phases. To deliver successful projects, you need to know all about them. Have you ever wondered why certain projects fail and others succeed? What is the difference between a successful and a failing project? The efficiency with which a project has been managed is what matters. This is affected by the phases of project administration. A […]

Project Management Offices aren’t just for Enterprises

You want to save money, increase team productivity, and ensure project success? You might consider setting up a project management office. It is said that managing a difficult team of project managers is like herding cats. Experienced project managers are well-versed in using project management software, soft skill, and sound planning to manage their kitties. But what do you do […]

5 Best Atlassian Jira Alternatives to Project Management Software

Atlassian Jira is a highly-rated project management tool. However, not all users will be satisfied with the Atlassian Jira product. These five Jira alternatives will help you choose the right software for your business. Atlassian Jira is a common tool for Agile software development. Its Kanban-style task tracking dashboards allow teams to stay on the same page about task status […]