Baby food and work are not compatible. This is how I tried to make apple puree and work simultaneously. I was sitting at the computer, thinking I only had 10 minutes. An hour later, I began to wonder if my neighbour was hosting an outdoor barbecue. It was a burned apple, I realized. Jack didn’t get breakfast.
I was able save the pan by using boiling vinegar and wire wool. But I worry about trying to do too much.
The Sanderson hotelSo, my NCT buddies and I decided that we wanted a spa-day. On Sunday, six babies were taken to other responsible adults. The Sanderson hotel’s spa upstairs was our next stop. It’s like walking through mazes. Each area is separated with white curtains. It’s quiet because you can hear everything through the curtains.
We started with lunch. After lunch, we moved on to our respective treatments. I had a pedicure, rose facial, and others had iced water with cucumbers. It was great because I could dress up and wear something that wasn’t covered by baby sickness. It allowed me to relax and let my hair down. The mask was so comfortable, I almost fell asleep.
It is not about finding the right balance for work and family to be a successful working mom. It is not about making sure your kids have a good time. Finding the right balance between work life and family is key to being a good working mom. You won’t be a top performer if you don’t have the time to recharge your batteries.
Although I doubt that I will be able go to the spa as often, it is something that I enjoy doing once in awhile to remind myself that I am a mother as well as a project manager.