Although work can be difficult, it is not as difficult as you might think. I feel like I’ve settled in well and am doing a great job. I feel refreshed despite waking up at 4am to settle my son and then getting another 90 minutes of sleep before spoon-feeding him mashed bananas for breakfast.
Many women have their hair done. I like buns, French pleats, and plaits. Chopsticks can be used to finish complicated updos. Beautifully curled ponytails, with matching grips. I did brush my hair this morning, but only the front because my back still feels tangled since the last time it was slept on.
These women don’t have one pair of pants that fits. These women don’t forget to bring a spoon for their yogurt. These women don’t have to create a new email to remember their job title, or use the same password as 6 months ago. These women wear jewellery! They wear necklaces and dangly earring.
Part-time work is when I don’t have a desk. I will take up residence wherever another person is. It’s great because it allows me to mix with other people at other desks. However, it also means that I don’t have any place to store my stuff. I must carry my laptop, high heels, lunch box, notebook, and other essentials with me from home to work every day. To avoid getting overwhelmed, I plan ahead. It doesn’t work.
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, is what I am reading on my commute. It’s a book that takes a lot of time and requires a cup o’ tea. I used to sit down and finish the book until 1 AM in the past. Instead, I grab it out of my bag and use it as a way to squeeze in a paragraph before I put it away for the day. Jack can turn the pages of a board book. He was unable to hold a magazine in one hand. I’m not ready to read a book with him yet.
It is becoming easier to do it. I make sure to prepare my clothes and my bag for work the night before. It’s easier for everyone to get dressed up for the day in PJs, so they can have breakfast in their PJs. This saves me from dealing with banana disasters that require my only pair of pants. This will allow me to manage my dual life at work and home. As I do, I will feel more confident in managing both.