This video will show you the behind-the scenes of the podcast I recorded earlier in the year with Paul Naybour, Parallel Project Training, Lindsay Scott, Arras People, and How to Manage a Camel. Owain Wilson, Association for Project Management.
This is an excerpt from our morning, as we experimented with videoing the recording process. Listen to the entire podcast here.

Some of you have contacted me to tell us that you cannot watch videos at work. Here is the transcript.
Paul: Paul, can I just ask why APM invests in a forum?
Owain: We see the model changing slightly from professional bodies in terms of where information is coming from and how it’s distributed. So we need to provide a service for our members to get up-to-date information in a reliable format.
Paul: I thought it would be interesting to begin by discussing social networking. It’s a common term that can mean many things and could be used to refer to anything. Anybody have any thoughts?
Elizabeth: I have a point of view.
Paul: You can go on.
Elizabeth: I believe social networking, you’re right, it does mean different things to different people. For me, social networking is a subset. It is where you use online technology to connect with others, such as LinkedIn, APM’s communities or Facebook in the public sector, where there is less use for business. Social media, however, is a broad term that includes other types of tools such as blogs, Twitter, and wikis.
Paul: So, you have two definitions.
Elizabeth: I believe social networking is a very special thing.
Lindsay: I find it interesting that social media is – there are many different tools you can use, but I think the end goal for me is the tools that allow me to network, meet other project mangers, and also share knowledge and links to bits and pieces of information that you wouldn’t normally find. This allows people to grow and also contributes to CPD.
Paul: That’s a good point. Learning through social networking or blogs can be very interesting. Elizabeth writes some really interesting pieces that will make you think about project management. There are also good debates on the APM website about the cost of training and how to control projects.
Elizabeth: When there’s a recession, people will cut back on training. I think podcasts and listening to podcasts are a great way to learn. They don’t necessarily have to attend a five-day PRINCE2(r). course.
Owain, I believe we are referring to online social media and not social media in general. There are many tools that allow communication between people or teams. You have the telephone, you have meeting rooms, but what we really have with online social media, is another tool to facilitate discussion. While we are focusing on online social media today, it is important to keep it in mind as part of a larger toolbox. It’s another tool we can use.
Lindsay: It would be great to know what these tools are. The tools I think I use most are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Facebook. These are tools I use for both personal and business reasons.
Elizabeth: Wikis are an online document sharing and collaboration platform that anyone can edit to update information.