Reading Time: 1 minuteAuthor: Emily Farris Texas Christian University
I am a huge fan of teaching resources and syllabus. You’ll find a lot of teaching ideas and syllabi from different people if you open my Dropbox folder. Teaching resources are something I believe in.
One of the resources I use in many different ways is Dr. Julia Marin Hellwege’s coursepack for her major section of American Government at The University of South Dakota. You can find a copy of her coursepack here on google docs. It includes a weekly checklist, terminology, concepts, answer questions, and sometimes a class activity.
She has prepared a list of readings for week 7, which includes some MonkeyCage public scholarship and a Fenno’s Home Style chapter. She creates the class activity “How a Bill becomes a Law” using a board game and an infographic assignment. Each week offers a wealth of ideas that can enrich your class.
She also includes all the tools she needs for her semester-long Civic Engagement Project, which she recently published in the Journal of Political Science Education as “Left To Their Own Devices: a Student-Centered Approach in Civic Engagement.”
These are amazing resources that she generously shares with us! Julia, thank you!