On Tuesday, I was asked via Twitter to recommend a good online tool for project management. I tend to avoid certain tools and haven’t looked at many of the options.
I am outsourcing this request to you. Please take a look here at Rebecka’s email and leave a comment with your recommendation. Let’s exchange ideas, and if you have any questions, let’s ask for clarification. Thanks!
Hi Josh
Thank you for your assistance in my research.
We are looking for a web-based solution.
Our staff is approximately 20 people. We have multiple workgroups. We are looking for project management software because the work of each group intersects with the other …. either in content or the utilization of staff’s time (staff are assigned multiple projects). We need to ensure we don’t overload ourselves.
Each workgroup could have multiple projects/events to complete, and each project/event would have its own set of to-do items. In an ideal world, each group would have one person who is responsible for their timeline/to-do list.
Staff want to see the whole picture of what’s going on and when it happened. Staff want to see the tasks associated to each item in order to understand the time/resources involved. The goal is to not add work to already busy times. It would be nice to be able “toggle” between all projects/events and then be able “drill down to” the details. It would be ideal to see this in a list view on a monthly calendar layout.
The more export options you have, the better. Each workgroup representative and manager will have to use the pm software on a regular basis. However, they will need to be capable of sharing the content with other members of their workgroup (we know there are people who won’t learn new software/visit another site).
Document collaboration is not necessary.
If you have any questions, please let me know.