Pivotal Software Inc. added one-click integration with the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) cloud to its Cloud Foundry Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering.
Cloud Foundry is a hybrid cloud platform that allows you to provision, deploy and manage native applications. Pivotal has added AWS integrations to its portfolio of supported products, which includes VMware vSphere VMware Cloud Air and OpenStack. Pivotal announced earlier this year that Cloud Foundry had the fastest first-year sales growth among open source products in 2014.
The company from Palo Alto, Calif. said that users can install Cloud Foundry using their AWS accounts or use Pivotal Web Services for Enterprise Support to have Pivotal manage the instances. The company announced that it now offers enterprise users of Cloud Foundry support access to Pivotal Web Services which provides cloud infrastructure. Cloud Foundry users now have the ability to deploy native applications on AWS. This allows them to take advantage of a single deployment experience across all clouds, according to David Soul, a company executive.
The company released a statement last week saying that today’s release includes support for AWS virtual appliances for Pivotal Cloud Foundry. AWS customers now have the ability to natively deploy Cloud Foundry applications within hours on their AWS infrastructure. This complete hybrid architecture allows operators to migrate Cloud Foundry applications between their on-premises infrastructures and the cloud without any restrictions, regardless of their underlying infrastructure.
Pivotal stated that the latest version of Cloud Foundry allows customers to use existing licenses to take full advantage of hosted application instances at no additional cost. This makes it possible to deploy quickly without worrying about cloud administration and management.