New Microsoft Azure Certification Courses for Cloud Professionals 2022 (Beta Versions).

Professionals looking to make a career in cloud computing will be keen to learn which Microsoft Azure certifications will help them get better prospects. In order to pursue a career in cloud computing, it is important to get the right cloud certification training from authorized partners. This blog post will provide details about the brand-new Microsoft Azure courses, which are […]

Five Prominent AWS Security Services & Their Use Cases

Cloud-based organizations can be vulnerable to hackers in this modern age. Data breaches occur every day, and businesses have a responsibility towards their customers to ensure that their data is protected. They must guard against data theft and security breaches. Security is a major concern for businesses. Privacy of data Integrity, Nonauthentication and Nonrepudiation Online attacks such as phishing, man […]

FAQs: Ten Commonly Asked Questions about Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become a common buzzword and is seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. Cloud computing is the process of transferring resources, such as data, servers, or software, over a network. Cloud computing is being used by industries to make life easier. Organisations from various verticals, such as healthcare, finance and banking, are interested in digitalization. They are seeking […]

Two New Resources For Project Managers Hello everyone, Josh here. I am excited to share a few new resources that I have created for the community. The first is for new and aspiring PMP-certified project managers. The second is for PMP-certified PMP project managers to leverage and maintain their credential. These are valuable for you, whatever stage you are in your career. My eBook “Getting Started In Project Management” is now available for To-Be Project Managers. It is now included with the free email newsletter. The eBook focuses on the following, in addition to what’s in your newsletter:

This is a detailed account of my personal career path, including the trials and tribulations. Learn from the past, get tips and find resources to help you get started in your project management career Experience and background are required for a career as a project manager Learn More… You are PMP Certified. Now what? This newsletter will help you maintain […]

Turkish webinar for students

Turkish webinar for students This post is for my Turkish-speaking followers. It’s all about getting together with the Student Community, and talking all things Cybersecurity. ‘Siber Guvenlik ve Avustralya’da Haftanin Gelismeleri’23 Eylul Carsamba, Instagram canli yayin konugumuz; Standard Chartered Bank’de, Regional Chief Information Security Officer olarak gorev yapan Dr. Erdal OZKAYA. Bu haftaki canli yayinimizda en merak edilen konulardan biri […]

Turkish webinar with Business University – Free 2 Join

Turkish webinar with Business University This post is for my Turkish-speaking followers. It’s all about getting together with the Student Community, and talking all things Cybersecurity. Istanbul Kalkinma Ajansi’nin 2018 yili Yenilikci ve Yaratici Istanbul Mali Destek Programi kapsaminda, Istanbul Ticcaret Universitesi bunyesinde Istanbul Adli Bilisim Laboratuvari kurulmustur. Laboratuvarin kurulum amaci, adli bilisim vaka inceleme ve raporlama islemlerinin yapilmasi, egitim […]

Turkish Standard Organization – 2017 Award

Turkish Standard Organization It was a great Cybersecurity event for the Turkish Standard Organization (TSE). TSE deserves my gratitude once more for their hospitality and the appreciation certificate. It’s a great feeling to be recognized by people you love. Thank you Turk Standartlari Enstitusu , tesekkuler . It’s always great meeting talented CIO’s like Cengizhan TURGUT, and it’s also great […]