We have received many requests for a training course on AWS for building data lakes. Today we launch our online course on building data lakes on AWS. AWS data lake solutions allow you to take advantage of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), which ensures durable, secure, scalable and affordable storage.
Data lakes enable organizations to store their structured and unstructured data in one central repository. Many enterprises want an analytics and data storage solution that is more flexible and agile than traditional data management systems. AWS cloud provides different building blocks that customers need to implement data lakes with greater security, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and reliability.
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Our new online course Building a Data Lake with AWS will help you acquire the skills and experience necessary to build data lake solutions using AWS. This discussion will discuss the importance of learning how AWS can build data lakes. The main highlight of this discussion would be the details of our online course on building data lakes on AWS. It can be helpful for aspiring learners.
What are Data Lakes?
Before you learn how to build a data lake using AWS, it is important to understand the definition of data lakes. A data lake is basically a central repository that allows the storage of both structured and unstructured data at the desired scale. Data lakes allow storage without the need to organize data and also offer the ability to run different types of analytics.
Data lakes can also be used to support analytics such as dashboards, visualizations and machine learning. Data lakes can be thought of as a huge repository of data, similar to a river or lake. Data lakes are similar to a river that has many tributaries, but also have many inflowing flows of data from various sources.
It is natural to wonder if Building a Data Lake using AWS online training would make a good career choice. This is because of the necessity of data lakes. You can learn more about the business value that data lakes provide and the career opportunities they can offer.
Data lakes are important
Modern enterprises have a competitive advantage because they can successfully develop business value from data. Aberdeen found that organizations with data lake solutions have 9% higher chances of organic revenue growth. AWS, for example, allows you to perform different types of analytics.
Business leaders can now use machine learning analytics to access new sources like log files, social media, log files, internet connected devices, and data from clickstreams. Enterprises could use data lakes to identify and take action on specific opportunities.
Businesses could then reap the benefits of faster business growth by attracting and keeping customers. Data lakes are also useful for proactive maintenance, productivity improvement, and informed decision making.
Whizlabs Building Data Lake on AWS Online Training Course
Data lakes are an essential technological requirement for modern businesses. You now know why it is important to learn about data lakes. You can learn how to use AWS services to create high-availability and efficient data lakes with our online course.
You can also gain valuable insights into the advantages of data lakes, such as cost-effective storage. These are some of the key features you can highlight in our training course for building data lake.
5 hours of training videos that cover all topics related AWS Data Lake Formation training
40 lectures, curated by industry experts or qualified instructors
Premium support by subject experts
Unlimited access to the training course
Guaranteed 100% unconditional money back
Its content is the most important feature in our Building a Data Lake on AWS Training Course. Here’s a summary of the chapters in the Whizlabs course about building data lakes on AWS.
Introduction to data lakes
Data lake components and tools
Data ingestion
Change data capture
Data processing
Data security and data lake safety
Content delivery
Logs, audit, governance
Final challenge
Our online course will help you to improve your practical skills by focusing on the important subtopics within each chapter. It is natural to wonder what else you can learn from our online course.