We’ve written about why TeamGantt employees work remotely before. Working remotely is a joy for us. This is why I have spent the last few years trying to optimize my home office in order to be more productive and comfortable while working remotely. Although it’s always difficult to achieve, there are some things that have had a significant impact on my day and I wanted them to be shared here.
1) Doors
It is vital to be able close the door to all that is happening in the rest of your house. It is essential for focusing. This was an opening that had no doors. We quickly added doors to block noise and create a separation in the office.
2) Ikea Motorized Standing Desk
It’s not good for your health to sit at a computer for 8 hours straight. It’s not even comfortable. After much research, I found the BEKANT sit/stand desk by Ikea. It is a great value for the money. I chose a different ikea desktop because I liked the look of this one. I wanted a white top, but I liked the white top’s finish more. The total cost was less than $500, which is great for a motorized standing table. Memory presets are the only thing it lacks that more expensive desks offer. It’s not difficult to adjust each time, however.
3) Herman Miller Chair – Worth Every Penny
Even though I have a standing desk, it doesn’t mean that I stand all day. Even though I prefer sitting for a large portion of the day, there are still some times when standing is more appropriate. I used to own a Staples office chair. It was fine for as long as I didn’t sit for more than 45 minutes. My neck and back would hurt after that. I have since decided to spend the money on a chair that is designed for extended sitting. I chose the Herman Miller Mirra, and I love it. TeamGantt has also opted for the Herman Miller Aeron, and they are very happy with it. I feel great and can work for a few hours at once.
4) Homemade Monitor Stand
My monitor was stacked on top of a stack of books for the longest time. Although it worked, it was dangerously close at tipping over. Jason reminded me of that every time Jason came over. I used some old reclaimed wood I had left over from a previous project to build a stand for my iMac when I upgraded to the new iMac. It was simple and took only 15 minutes. Groovemade also makes wood stands that are super easy to assemble.
5) Footrest
It is important to get every piece of the ergonomic puzzle. This is something I do every day.
6) Alternative Places to Work or Read
Sometimes a little change of scenery is good. Sometimes, if I’m working on something that doesn’t require a laptop, like a call with a client, I might shift to the couch to work from there.
7) How to Stay Warm
This heater is small enough to be used in a small space, but also has the fireplace feel. It keeps the office warm and warm during winter.
8) Yes, a wired keyboard with a number pad
It works every time. It doesn’t require batteries. Yes, it has a number pad.
9) A good filing/organization system
I was able to find a nice 3 drawer filing cabinet for $15 on Craigslist.

This post contains more information about working remotely.
What are your must-haves for a home office? Comment below to let us know:

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