The Develop Project Management Plan Process is the second project management process in the Project Integration Management knowledge section. It follows the Develop Project Charter process. The process of developing a project management plan is complex and there are many steps before that. It will be useful to summarize the steps that lead to developing project management plan with explanations. These processes are important in the project life cycle and play an important role in PMP Training.
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Project management processes can be documented and managed with the help of project management templates. To get an idea of the process, you can view free samples of project management templates.
This article will provide a summary of the steps that lead to developing a project management plan process. The objectives of the develop project management plan process are also discussed.
4 Steps to Develop a Project Management Plan Process
Let’s now look at the steps involved in developing project management process. We strongly recommend that you take a course to learn more about developing project management plans.

Step 1#: Identifying your business needs
The business need is the first step in a project. This is why the customer or sponsor always asks “what are my requirements” before they start a project. This question will have multiple answers, which will help define the project requirements. The project requirements are used to determine the objectives and define the scope of the project. The Project Scope Statement of Work outlines the expected outcomes of the project.
Step 2#: Preparation and approval of the Project Charter
As soon as possible, a project manager is assigned. The project statement of work is a description of the project. It describes how the company’s culture, systems, processes, and historical information are analyzed and compiled into a project charter. The project sponsor is responsible for creating the project charter, but the project manager may prepare it. It must be published by project sponsor.
Step 3# Authorization of the Project by the Sponsor
The charter is published by the sponsor after the project sponsor signs it. Once the project charter has been published, it is officially authorized. This will give the project manager the authority to carry out project management activities. Next, the process of developing a project management plan begins. This will create the project management plan.

Step 4# Leading to the Development of Project Management Plan Process: Finalization and Signing off on the Project Management Plan
All stakeholders must approve the Project Management Plan. Failure to meet stakeholders’ expectations or requirements could have a negative impact on the project’s success. After the project management plan has been finalized, all stakeholders must reach an agreement.
What are the objectives?
We’ve briefly covered the four steps involved in developing a project management plan. Let’s now examine its importance. It is important to have a realistic project management plan. Therefore, it is important to plan and manage the project management process accordingly. The plan should set realistic targets. Let’s say you have a project activity that can take 10 days. If you push your team to complete it in five days, this will be unrealistic. Inability to meet targets can lead to demotivation within the project team. This will have a major impact on the project outputs.

Demotivation can lead to increased turnover of resources. However, quality of the work produced may decrease under time pressure. Customers can feel unhappy if they are not meeting their targets. Therefore,