IT Infrastructure Library (r) (ITIL(r),v3) was released in 2006. Technology has made significant progress in the past decade. IT Service Management (ITSM(r),) is definitely not the same as it was before. Since the last version, there have been very few updates. AXELOS Limited has released the updated version, ITIL(r), 4 Certification.
ITIL(r), 4 certification is essential for IT staff to ensure seamless collaboration and cohesion between your business requirements, IT services, and IT services in today’s competitive environment. The upgrade would bring about a significant improvement in the quality of your business’s products and services for your ITSM(r). AXELOS claims that the ITIL (r) 4 certification is designed to improve current ITIL (r) processes and address the weaknesses of ITIL(r).
ITIL(r)4 emphasizes four dimensions:
People and organization;
Supplies and partners
Processes and value streams
These dimensions are crucial to the successful facilitation and sharing of value for all stakeholders.
Seven Guiding Principles of ITIL(r),4:
Strong focus on delivering value
Start at the current point
You can make progress by using feedback to improve your iterations
To increase visibility, collaborate with other members of the team
Take a holistic approach
Reduce complexity and think practically
Optimize processes via automation
Upgrade from ITIL (r)v3 Certification to ITIL (r)4 Certification
Great leaders lead great teams to run great businesses. People who are constantly learning about the industry create great teams. Consider encouraging your team members, as a leader, to become ITIL(r4) 4-certified Professionals.
ITIL(r), 4 certification ensures that your team members have the latest industry best practices for IT service management. ITIL(r), 4 certifications will help you to increase your team’s technological knowledge and make it more competitive.
ITIL(r), 4 Foundation certification was released February 2019. It allows candidates to view IT service management from an operational model perspective. This is useful for creating and delivering IT products.

Two distinct designation streams make up the new ITIL(r4) 4 certification scheme.
ITIL(r), Managing Professional (ITIL(r), MP) and
ITIL(r), Strategic Leader (ITIL(r), SL)
They provide IT professionals with more detailed content in key areas of service management and IT strategy to aid in their career advancement and learning journey.
What ITIL(r4) Certification training is required to become an ITIL(r),3 Certified team member?
Your v3-certified team will need qualified professionals to prepare them for ITIL(r), 4 certifications. Only the ITIL(r), 4 foundation certification has been released. You will need a partner to help you prepare for the foundation ITIL(r), 4 Certification Examination Preparation.
Is it necessary to have them go through the entire foundation ITIL(r), 4 Certification Training again? ITIL(r), v3 and ITIL (r) 4 overlap in many subject areas. A bridge course can help ITIL®-certified professionals improve their ITIL(r), 4 skills without having to take the entire foundations course again.
It is vital to have ITIL(r), 4 certified professionals in your ITIL(r) 4 team, considering the rapid growth of IT as well as the need for IT to meet evolving business needs. Your team can grow by obtaining certification. You can help your team members learn and gain the best skills for the future and present by obtaining a globally recognized certification. If your team is already ITIL (r) 4, it is more cost-effective to take a bridge course than to complete the foundation course.
Why NetCom Learning for ITIL (r)4 Certification Training?
NetCom Learning, a 20-year-old training company, has helped more than 10,000 organizations around the world improve their IT skills. NetCom Learning is able to provide on-site training with more than 1000 qualified instructors and can offer customized schedules. There are 3500+ courses available that can be categorized into nine practice areas. NetCom Learning is an ITIL(r), training partner. We offer comprehensive and hands-on ITIL (r) training courses to prepare for the ITIL(r). We offer online and instructor-led sessions for all levels ITIL(r), including Foundation, Intermediate, Practitioner, Expert, and Expert.

Acknowledgment Statement
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