If you haven’t heard it before, “I’m big in Japan” is a way to boost yourself in an unimaginable manner. It means “To pretend you are someone of stature elsewhere, meaningless and unverifiable where your current position is.” ”
Many people are guilty of overestimating their reach, ability, and impact. In order to win clients and make money, This is how we’ve seen some people fall, such as the college basketball coach who lost his great job and salary due to not having the degree he claimed he had. Bottom line: Japan should know you if you claim to be big in Japan.
Let’s move on to project management. Let’s look at 5 myths about project management and then get feedback from our crazy creative readers.
1. To make all stakeholders happy, you need custom project status reports
This sounds great, but as a project manager managing multiple projects simultaneously, it is important to remember that you value your sanity. You can opt for a one-size-fits-all project status reporting solution that provides a quick overview for the C-level. Make sure to include the last week, this week and any current issues or change orders. Also, make sure to include budget and resource forecasting status. Include any other information that is relevant for your project, your customers, and the industry. Do it one time each week and you’re done.
2. Management says whatever it wants
This strategy failed me twice on projects totaling approximately $2.5 million, one for the private sector and the other for public sector IT projects. The same company, the same PMO director. Ouch. He is no longer a PMO Director. Since those two mishaps, my motto has been customer first. It was actually before that, but I wasn’t assertive enough. The PM is the best at understanding both sides of the coin. If you feel that a management decision or direction is not in your client’s best interest, speak up. No matter what. Even if the project fails, it’s still YOUR failure.
3. All you need is one PM tool
This is a possibility. For me and the projects that I’ve managed, old habits have been hard to break and I still need some helpers tools. Nothing has yet replaced my resource forecasting and financial spreadsheets. I’m open to being proven wrong, but I’ve seen many tools that are very similar. I advise you to look at many tools and choose one that covers most or all of the things that will make you, your team and senior management happy. You can do it all with one tool.
4. Your project team will be with you everywhere
They will respect you if you keep your promises, make good decisions and show respect, and they will follow you more often than they do. Your project team is full skilled creative thinkers, and you need them more than “yes” men. This article will show you how to increase team engagement in just 3 steps. Take advantage of their diverse knowledge and perspectives. Their input will help you make better decisions for the project, your team and your customer.
5. You win, and you’ll get your rewards
Don’t wait to get your project management certifications. Your reward will be greater in the work you do and the people you collaborate with, than any money you receive. My motto is “You are only as successful as the last customer thinks of you… ” Words to live with. Even though 50% of all projects fail, you are expected to win.Ai. Enjoy the