In the last few years, IT has experienced a boom. The ever-changing technology has led to IT expanding in many directions. It is vital that an organisation’s safety and security are maintained. The Certified Network Defence Architect Credential is now available. These Network Defence Architects are closely associated with military and government organisations, offering them integrity as well as cyber security.
Your career prospects will be enhanced if you have passed an IT exam and are certified. Your resume will shine if you have the qualifications such as the CNDA exam in academic records. These certifications are a great way to get a variety of high-paying career options. Our preparatory guide is designed to help you get started in this IT field. We also have more information about the Certified Network Defence Architect exam so let’s get going.
What is the CNDA exam?
The Certified Network Defence Architect exam (CNDA) certifies you in Ethical Hacking, a specific network security discipline. The CNDA certification will enhance the knowledge of security officers, auditors, site administrators, and other professionals who are concerned about the integrity the network infrastructure.
This exam will teach you how to scan, hack, and secure your own networks. After understanding the basics of perimeter defenses, you will be able to scan and attack your own networks. This will ensure that no real network is compromised.
You will also learn about
Why should you take the CNDA certification Exam
A Certified Network Defence Architect (CNA) is a professional who can identify and fix weaknesses and vulnerabilities in networks. This credential from EC Council offers hands-on training on the concepts of ethical hacking, which are extremely important in today’s world.
This exam is designed for government agencies. This exam covers concepts such as
Intrusion Detection is the first.
Second, Policy Creation
Social Engineering followed.
DDoS Attacks are next
Buffer Overflows are also available
Virus Creation is the final step.
This exam will prove your knowledge in ethical hacking. This exam will prove your knowledge and help you stay relevant in the field while improving your career prospects.
Benefits of CNDA Exam
The CNDA certification is a great way to increase your employability and strengthen your organisation’s security. Upon passing the CNDA exam, you will be able to validate the following skills:
First, Advanced hacking concepts
Second, Network packet analysis
Script writing follows.
Additional, Pre-Defined Code
Moreover, KALI Linux
Also, mobile code
Target Audience
The CNDA exam is primarily designed to benefit security officers, security personnel, site administrators, and others who are concerned about the integrity the network infrastructure. This course is primarily for Government Agencies.
EC Council CNDA Exam Details
The EC Council’s CNDA exam is a multiple-choice type. We have provided the basics of the exam for your convenience.
Exam TypeECC Exam PortalExam TypeCNDA ExamExam Duration4 hoursPassing Score70%Number Question125 Nos.Test FormatMultiple choiceCourse Outline
The CNDA exam course is very similar to the CET exam. It is interactive and holistic because it includes practical labs as well as the following concepts.
First, ethics and legality
Secondly, foot printing
Third, scanning
Fourth, Enumeration
System Hacking followed.
Trojans & Backdoors are also available.
Then, Sniffers
Denial of Service
Social Engineering is another option
And, Session Hijacking
Then, Hacking Web Servers
Further, Web Application Vulnerabilities
Moreover, Web Based Password Cracking Techniques
Additionally, SQL injection
Hacking Wire was then created.