It is clear that RPA is on the rise and many companies are looking for professionals such as the APD01 Blue Prism Professional developer. Robotics has taken over monotonous tasks that require human effort. Blue Prism is a tool that allows companies to automate repetitive tasks. Technological advancements have increased at an incredible pace. You must keep up with technology developments in order to maintain your career. The digital age has seen almost everything move online. This has made it more important to be a certified professional in IT. These certifications are difficult enough because of the intense competition in the IT sector. These certifications test an individual’s ability to be competitive and intelligent enough in the technology field.
Blue prism is a great way to prove your skills and expertise in RPA if you are interested in a career in this field. Based on the role of Blue Prism Developer, the salary can vary. According to market research, the average Blue Prism Professional Developer’s salary is $87,464, which includes $73,584 at the 25th percentile and $99,040 at 75th percentile. The highest Blue Prism developer salary may be more than $113,000.
Blue prism jobs available in London This blog will give you all the information about the Blue Prism Professional developer exam. Let us get started.
What is the Blue Prism Professional Developer exam and what are its benefits?
Blue Prism portal guidelines state that you must have passed the Blue Prism Developer exam, AD01, at least six months before you can take the blue prism professional development exam. These two exams are from the same parent. One is for Blue Prism Developer (Exam Code: AD01), and the other for Blue Prism Professional Developer. (Exam Code: APD01). The APD01 Blue Prism Pro Developer exam is the advanced level exam within the Blue Prism Accreditation Program. Before you can begin your blue prism professional development certification preparation, you must pass the AD01 exam.
For complete details on the exam APD01, let us now go to the exam overview.
Blue Prism Professional Developer Exam Overview
Multiple choice will be available for the Blue Prism Professional Developer certification. 50 questions will need to be answered within 60 minutes. The cost of the Blue Prism Professional developer certification is $165. All questions carry the same marks. The exam can be taken in English, but you can also take an additional 30 minutes if your native tongue is not English. To pass the exam, you must score at least 70%. 80% of the marks will be considered merit and 90% will be considered distinction.
Here’s a table that includes all the details:
Name of the examBlue Prism Professional DesignerCode of the examAPD01No. of questions50Time allowed60 minutesPassing marks70%Languages availableEnglishType of questionsMultiple choice questionsRegistration fee$150Registration platformPearson VUENow let us move to the registration process of the exam.
Register for the Blue Prism Professional Development exam
Step 1: First, register at the Blue Prism portal.
Step 2: Next hover over the learning tab to see certification. Click on certification. You will find important documents regarding the certification exams below.
Step 3: To register to take the exam, click on the link that will take you to Pearson Vue.
Step 4: Sign up at Pearson Vue, choose your exam, and complete the information. You’re done registering!
Let’s now examine the most important part of the Blue Prism Professional Developer exam: the syllabus!
Syllabus details