It is well-known that AWS’s complexity is the most daunting aspect. Although it is true that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, it is also true to say that the first step can be the most difficult. Amazon has made it easy to take your first steps into the cloud by offering a valuable entry-level certification called AWS Cloud Practitioner.
The AWS Cloud Practitioner exam can be taken by anyone. You can find the right place whether you are a developer, a manager, or an enthusiast interested in learning more about cloud computing. There are many AWS certification courses available for those who are ready to take the leap into AWS.
AWS Cloud Practitioner certification can be earned by anyone, but it is most commonly earned by those who work in the business end of IT, such as product owners, managers, and the like. These people are likely to invest a lot of money, time, and resources in the cloud. This certification will show that they are knowledgeable about its core services as well as their pricing models.
Cloud Practitioner certification is the only AWS certification required by business people who work with the cloud. However, it is the first certification for those who will be developing cloud services. Let’s take a look how to prepare for the exam so you can increase your chances of getting certified.
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Preparing for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam
There is a common saying in military: You don’t rise to any situation, you sink to your level of training. This logic is also applicable to earning certifications. You have two options: you can either do it yourself, which is not recommended as AWS exams can be difficult. Or, you can invest in training such as SPOTO offers and make a plan.
First, ensure you are familiar with the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam. This includes topics covered and exam format. The exam is composed of 60 multiple-choice and answer questions. These questions cover topics such as pricing, security, and general cloud concepts and technologies. The exam costs $100 USD and takes 90 minutes.
It is not an exaggeration to say that the Cloud Practitioner exam can be difficult. It is important that you and your team are well-equipped with practice exams, virtual labs and quizzes. All of these are included in a SPOTO subscription.
We recommend that you review the whitepaper for any AWS certification you’re interested in. This whitepaper can provide detailed information about the technologies and practices that your exam covers. Many of the questions in the exam are actually lifted directly from whitepapers.
Amazon recommends that potential practitioners read the following documents:
Overview of Amazon Services
AWS Best Practices: Architecting for Cloud:
How AWS Pricing Works

These whitepapers should be read slowly. Be patient. Take notes and read 10 to 15 pages per day. It is best to read the whitepapers after you have completed your training. This will make the whitepapers seem less abstract and you’ll be able to tie them to real-life examples that you have learned during training.
Once you have completed the whitepapers you can transcribe the most important portions of your notes onto flashcards. Then, have a friend quizze you.
Register for an AWS account
Many people recall being told in school about the three types of learners. Learn by doing. Kinetic learners are those who learn through doing. It is the most practical and practical approach to IT. Although reading and listening are great learning tools, doing it yourself will make you more knowledgeable.
It is important to get an AWS account before you start learning about Cloud Practitioner.