Who wouldn’t want to be a Netflix coder? Netflix is often admired because it was a major factor in how we watch TV and movies. The company has evolved over the past dozen years to be part-production studio and part-tech company.
It’s one the dream companies that coders would love and love to work for. How do you get a job with Netflix? How do you become a Netflix coder?
Let’s take a look at their business to see what it takes, and where the roles are.
Learn the history of Netflix
Newer generations are entering the workforce as usual. It’s possible that new graduates don’t know the history of some of the most prominent tech companies. Actually, because well bootcamp graduates tend not to be as recent as computer science graduates, it is possible that many people have never heard of Blockbuster and are therefore unaware of the reasons Netflix was founded.
In 1997, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph founded Netflix. As a company that rented DVDs by mail. Subscribers would add moves and Netflix would send them to the user. The user would then mail back their DVD.
It was an alternative to renting a movie at a physical location like Blockbuster or Family Video. Netflix saw something that Blockbuster did not: streaming would be the next big thing in entertainment. Netflix launched its streaming service in 2007 and entered an era that saw them grow to be one of the most well-known brands in the world.
The company began producing its own content in 2013. They started with bingeable shows such as Orange is the New Black or House of Cards. They then moved on to documentaries and movies, which eventually evolved into their current form, a streaming platform and production studio.
The company grew to 8,600 employees in 2019 and made $20.156 billion in 2019. Although that growth has slowed, then increased in the early stages of the pandemic and then stalled again over time, Netflix is still a major company and a great place to work.
Netflix is a huge brand, but it’s still a small company in comparison to Apple and Google. It’s much more difficult to find a job because they need to hire.
Netflix Job Analysis
Netflix Jobs are harder to find
Netflix has fewer job openings than other companies with similar revenues. Netflix had approximately 230 job openings in spring 2022 across all their teams and all the countries they operate in. Only 19 of those jobs were for programming and machine learning.
Their core engineering team is the best team to consider. Similar teams may start to diverge from traditional programming and become more involved in networking and computing.
It’s safe to say that there is intense competition for software engineer jobs at Netflix. Although it is unlikely that you will get a job at Netflix as soon as you have graduated from college or bootcamp, you should still try as often as you can if you are confident in your abilities.
Remote Netflix software engineer job
Los Gatos was their traditional software engineering hub. However, the reality of COVID-19 combined with tech’s new approach to working means that all Netflix software engineer jobs in America are now available at their Los Gatos office as well as remotely. This means that there is no longer a need for Netflix coders to be based in California. You can now find a lucrative coding job at Netflix if you want to live in Chicago, on the East Coast or anywhere else with a lower tax rate. There are currently no international Netflix software engineer positions, but they do occasionally open.
What are the top trends Netflix is looking for?
There are a few trends that standout when looking at the job positions. It’s not surprising that a lot of it has to do with streaming, compression and codecs. They also want you to be familiar with embedded systems, graphics, and Linux system-level programming.
Let’s take a look at some of the most important.
Audio and video playback
It is important to understand how a computer plays audio or video. Netflix thrives on streaming content quickly via the internet. You’ll need to be able to understand how a computer plays audio and video.
Video codecs H.264/AVC and HEVC as well as VP9
A video codec is a way that a computer compresses large video files into smaller ones. Some compression techniques may result in loss of quality. Others use clever algorithms to allow the user to unpack the compressed file back at their own pace.
It is essential to be a Netflix coder that you are familiar with the pros and cons of each codec. Make sure you are familiar with them all.
User interface programming
It’s not about the videos. Users must be able to choose the videos they wish to view. It is essential to know how to create a user interface using a design.