Congratulations on achieving the coveted Sun/Oracle Java programmer certification! You feel exhilarated. If you are looking to achieve the coveted ‘Oracle certified Expert Java web component developer certification 6 (OCEJWCD 6), then this blog post is for your.
It is a good idea for us to begin accumulating resources before we start preparing for our exam. Below is a list of resources that can be used to prepare for the exam.
1. The primary resource for the exam comes for Oracle and it is a good idea to book mark the Java EE 6 tutorial at: and the Java EE6 API specification mentioned as well at:
2. The Whizlabs OCEJWCD 6-online course includes learning content as well as tests to help you assess your progress.
3. Charles Lyons has published the book OCEJWCD Study Comanion: OCE JavaEE Web Component Developer (Certification Guide).
4. provides updates on other professionals who are passing the exam.
Exam Objectives:
Before we can see the process of becoming certified, let’s first look at the objectives of OCEJWCD 6.
Introduction to Java servlets
Introduction to JSP
Implementing an MVC design
The environment of the servlet
Container facilities for JSPs and servlets
More views
JSP pages development
Develop JSP pages with custom tags
More controller facilities
There are many options for the model
Asynchronous web applications
Web application security
The exam’s objectives focus on JSP, servlets and EL (expression languages), as well as web application security.
Preparation for the OCEJWCD 6-exam:
It is a good idea for you to set a date for the exam (between 3-4 months and the current date, depending on your experience) before you start working towards it.
Make a timetable to study for the exam, and choose chapters to be completed each morning.
Be aware of delays due to family functions, work-related tasks, and so forth.
Learn more about the book resources and the Whizlabs OCEJWCD 6-training module
Learn Java EE6 from the tutorial.
Learn the Java EE6 API documentation
It is important to study for the exam for at least 2 hours per day for 3-4 month. This can vary depending on your profession or experience.
You might find it easier to prepare for the exam if you have sufficient professional experience.
After all the preparation is complete, you can attempt to answer a variety questions from the Whizlabs course or the book resource.
It is important to continue asking questions until you get a good score.
It is a good idea to keep in touch and communicate with other peers who are trying for the exam on the forum.

A few words sum up the success of the OCEJWCD 6-exam: planning, hardwork, networking, and single-minded devotion.
After the preparation is complete and the practice questions have been answered successfully, it’s time to relax for the day before the exam. Get a good night’s sleep, plan the next day, and arrive at the test center well before the time.
With all the preparations made, you will be able to score a high score. Good luck!