When people think of modern project management tools, Mavenlink and Hive are two common names. While they share many similarities, they also have their own unique features that make them stand out. This article will help you choose between Hive or Mavenlink software products.
My goal is to help you decide which of Mavenlink and Hive will be best for you.
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Expert Summary: Hive or Mavenlink?
Hive and Mavenlink, resource management and project management software, can be used by companies of all sizes. They include task management, workflow automation and file-sharing. Users can integrate third-party programs into both work management systems. This allows them to install apps such as Basecamp and Trello, Dropbox, Trello and Jira, Microsoft Teams and Asana and Slack. Both work management systems can be accessed on both computers and mobile devices, including iOS and Android.
Hive is best for communication-heavy, lean teams that want to be able access messaging systems, email boxes, and freestyle reminders from within the app.
Mavenlink is best for companies that value out-of the-box functionality such as budgeting and forecasting, without the need to integrate with third-party vendors.
Side by side comparison of Mavenlink and Hive
The analytics suite allows you to track productivity, budgets, and resources. You can create reports, download them as PDF files, or print them. Hive is a project management program that facilitates the efficient planning, delegation, execution, and monitoring of tasks and projects. Gantt charts are used to give users a visual overview of their progress and to help them prioritize tasks that require immediate attention. Hive API allows users to create customized programs that meet their company’s needs. They offer Slack-like messaging and easy email integration making them a top choice for collaboration and communication.
Hive does not offer a free plan. However, users can get a 14-day trial of Hive for free.
14-day trial
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To make it easier to create workflows in future projects, you can use the template function. The Mavenlink API can be used to create a common structure for high-frequency projects. You can also pull information such as budgets and timelines, from previous projects, to speed up the planning process. Mavenlink is resource management software that includes collaboration tools, portfolio management and project management capabilities. This SaaS solution can be accessed via desktop computers or mobile devices, allowing teams to access it wherever they are. Mavenlink has powerful business intelligence and analytics capabilities to generate reports about time, budget, resource allocation, and other topics. The homepage has an easy-to use time clock. Stakeholders will love the in-app document marking capabilities for quick approvals and proofing.
Mavenlink offers a freemium package with unlimited users and 500MB storage space.
14-day trial
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Comparison Criteria for Hive vs Mavenlink
An informative article comparing Hive to Mavenlink requires that you examine the strengths and weaknesses of each tool. Here are the criteria I used to compare the two software.

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