Hive is a project management platform which can create Gantt charts and calendars, task list, and other project planning graphs.
Hive is a brand new project management tool on the market. It was founded by John Furneaux, Eric Typaldos and was launched in 2015.
This tool is part project management, part AI. It combines features such as automated task management, custom workflows and templates with messaging and collaboration under one roof. Hive integrates with more than a dozen third-party tools such as Salesforce, Google Workspace, JIRA and Microsoft Teams. Additional connections can be obtained through Zapier for a fee.
Kanban boards allow companies to organize whole projects, track productivity using resource utilization charts, and set deadlines to keep tasks on schedule.
Hive offers a free plan up to 2 users, with some limitations.
Price: Starting at $12/user/month, billing annuallyTrial: 14-day free trial
Simple-to-use communication and collaboration tools
A team of customer service specialists who are accessible and responsive
Template library customized
Budgeting and advanced analytics suite
Ability to track time in a task
Guest views are available (without having to pay for a seat).
Weird pricing model (ie. analytics costs extra)
All-in-one apps have a steep learning curve
The mobile app has a reduced functionality
Zapier is required for many popular/common integrations
VIEW WEBSITEExpert Opinion
Hive, a cloud-based project management software, brings a lot to table. It offers a mix of task management, resource management, collaboration features and analytics tools.
It offers everything you would expect from a platform for project management. It will be easy for any business to manage projects, assign tasks, and track their team’s productivity, no matter how big or small.
Hive is different from other project management tools. Hive Analytics is the first. Project managers can create up to three dashboards to track KPIs such as workspace productivity. This feature detects productivity gaps and bottlenecks, and sends alerts to project managers so they can take corrective action. It’s like having an assistant for your project who points out areas you can improve upon without having to go through all the productivity reports. This is a huge time saver.
Another feature I love is the proofing/review environment. This is a paid-to-add feature that can be added to business plans. It is well worth it. You can create content items and push them for proofing. Video formats are also accepted for the approvals workflow. You can also create and edit request forms. This allows you to complete the creative content circle in one place: request, build, proof, approve.
Here’s the part I didn’t like.
The price point seems quite low when compared to other tools. I thought there must be a catch. Yep–there is. Hive’s professional plan costs $12/month/user. However, the reason it’s so cheap is that companies can buy “workspace add-ons.” These are features I would expect to see in a project management tool such as timesheets and resource management.
All of these add up to your package and you will be spending at least $25/user/month…a much lower price.
Remote work
Hive allows you to collaborate with your team and stay productive no matter where they are.
Creative agencies
Hive makes it easy to prepare project pitches, approve assets, and communicate with clients.
Hive can be used to manage projects and assign tasks related to technical and creative marketing campaigns.
Operation management
Hive can be used to collect information, create resource management templates, or automate workflow processes.
Startup companies
Use Hive to organize your new projects.