Employers can verify that the candidate has IT certifications. These certifications also show that the candidate has the necessary skills for the job. Cyber security certifications are becoming increasingly popular because it is an important function of any organization.

CompTIA PenTest+ certification is a validation of intermediate-level penetration testing skills and knowledge. It is vendor-neutral and internationally recognised. This certification covers aspects such as pen testing techniques and attack surfaces, vulnerability management and compliance tasks.
CompTIA PenTest+ certification requires that PT0-001 be passed. This exam assesses the latest penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, management skills, and management skills to ensure network resilience against attacks. CompTIA has released a new exam for its CompTIA PenTest+ certification-PT0-002. You need to know the differences between PT0-001 & PT0-002.
Before we get into the actual topic of “the differences”, let’s first discuss why this certification matters and the job opportunities that it offers.
CompTIA PenTest+ certification is vital
Here are some reasons to obtain CompTIA PenTest+ certification.
Your employer can verify your knowledge by granting you a PenTest+ certificate. It is proof you are knowledgeable in pen-testing.
Impress the HR with a certificate According to IDC, 96% of HR managers screen and hire candidates based upon IT certifications.
Make an impact: A few studies have shown that IT professionals who are certified by CompTIA Security+ or CompTIA A+ perform significantly better than those without these certifications.
CompTIA PenTest+ certification is a sure way to succeed: Obtaining certification is the best way to grow your career. Nine out of ten companies believe certification is essential. IT-certified employees are more likely to be promoted than those who don’t have IT credentials.

CompTIA PenTest+ Certificate offers job opportunities
Security Analyst: A security analyst is responsible for ensuring that data is safe and sound. To be a successful security analyst, you must have a deep understanding of all aspects of information security within an organization. It is their job to evaluate and determine the effectiveness a company’s security measures.
Network Security Specialists: Network Security experts are responsible for installing and maintaining security in the network using hardware and software.
Information Security Engineer: Information Security Engineers help to plan and implement a company’s information security strategy. They establish safety standards for the company and provide advice to management on safety improvements. They help to correct and address safety violations.
Let’s now see the differences between CompTIA PT0-001 & CompTIA PT0-002.
PT0-001: CompTIA PenTest+ certification PT0-001 tests candidates’ ability plan and complete assessments, understand compliance requirements and evaluate data. They also conduct vulnerability scanning, analyze data, and perform penetration testing. Finally, they communicate and report the results.
PT0-002: CompTIA PenTest+ certification test PT0-002 demonstrates that a trained candidate is proficient in planning and scoping penetration tests engagements. This includes vulnerability scanning, understanding legal requirements and producing a report with recommendations.
Exam details
Exam codePT0-001PT0-002Launch dateJuly 31, 2018October 27, 2021Number questions8