This article will explain how to prepare for AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty Certification.
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AWS Certified Machine Learning
AWS certified machine-learning – Specialty certification is provided by Amazon in the area of machine learning. The AWS has a machine learning pathway that can be followed to obtain this certification. The AWS also provides a machine learning path to prepare for the exam. This blog explains more.
This certification validates a variety of abilities. These abilities are listed below.
Choose and justify the best machine learning approach to solve the business problems.
Identifying the right Amazon Web Services to implement machine-learning solutions
Implementing machine learning solutions that are scalable, cost-optimized, reliable, secure, and scalable.
This certification is further divided into multiple domains. Each domain has a specific set percentage that represents the total percentage of 100 in exam. These domains are listed below
Data engineering: – 20%
Analyzing exploratory data: – 24%
Modelling: – 36%
Machine learning implementation: -20%
AWS Provides Prerequisites for This Certification
It is a good idea to have at least one to two years of experience in machine learning, deep learning, and cloud workloads.
You must be able to communicate the intuition behind machine-learning algorithms.
You will need to have experience in basic hyperparameter optimization.
You will need to have some experience with deep learning framework and machine learning.
Ability to follow the model training procedures.
Ability to follow deployment and operational procedures.
Machine Learning Path
This machine learning path is designed to prepare you for the machine-learning-specialty certification. It provides interactive content and includes hands-on labs. The machine learning path is shown in the image below.

Machine Learning Exam Basics: This exam focuses on the services that can be used to build and deploy models for machine learning.
Process Model: CRISP DM on the AWS Stack: This helps you to walk through the CRISP DM methodology and the framework, and then to apply the models to your day to day work.
The Elements of Data Science: Learn how to build and continually improve your machine learning models.
Storage Deep Dive Learning Path – Moving from the fundamentals to the technical and also taking a deep dive into advanced AWS storage.
Machine Learning Security: This includes the products and services mentioned above that help you to find application and environment.
Developing Machine Learning Apps: Explore Amazon’s fully managed machine-learning platform.
Types of Machine Learning Solutions: Learn 3 different disciplines of machine-learning – computer vision, natural languages processing, and chat boards.
AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty: Finally, getting ready for the exam with all of the skills required to build and tune data models for machine-learning and helping you to grow in this field.
What you will learn from AWS Machine Learning – Specialty Certification
Life cycle of E2E Machine Learning
Data collection
Machine learning models that are efficient and usable
Data pre-processing
Training models
Validation and implementation
Service You Will Learn and Use For This Exam
AWS Machine Learning
Relational database service (RDS).
Dynamo DB
Elastic Block Storage (EBS).
Data Processing
Amazon Glue
Elastic MapReduce
Apache Spark
Machine Learning Services
Elastic Interface
KMS Encryption
Security groups
Management and Other Services
Identity Access Management (IAM).
Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Virtual private connection (VPC).
Step function
Courses for AWS Machine Learning – Specialty Certification
There are many places where you can prepare for this course. The only thing that matters is that you choose a course that covers every section required for the certification. You can choose to take a course that covers a different AWS service or opt for the entire AWS machine learning specialty certification section. I have covered all of the topics required for this certification.
Whizlabs covers every portion