Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), has added another X1 instance to its SAP HANA-optimized Elastic Compute Cloud Cloud (EC2) instances.
Monday’s announcement of the x1.16xlarge was the smaller of the two X1 instances. This instance has 976 GiB memory and supports up to 64 virtual CPUs. It is half the size the x1.32xlarge that AWS launched in May.
Other specs include 5 Gbps dedicated Elastic Block Storage bandwidth (EBS), 1,920 GB solid-state drive storage and a network bandwidth bandwidth of 10 Gbps.
The x1.16xlarge runs with a pair Intel Xeon E7 8880 v3 Haswell CPUs.
The x1.16xlarge, like its larger counterpart, is suitable for “running in memory databases like SAP HANA, big-data processing engines like Apache Spark, Presto, or high performance computing (HPC), applications,” AWS stated in its description.
AWS has increased the number of regions that can support both X1 instances by seven to 10. The x1.32xlarge previously was only available from AWS datacenters located in Northern Virginia
, Oregon
, Singapore
Monday’s news shows that both the x1.32xlarge as well as the x1.16xlarge can also run out of the Mumbai and Seoul regions of the AWS GovCloud.