Amazon Web Services (AWS), is offering five smaller instances of its largest Elastic Compute cloud (EC2) instance.
This week, the company announced an expansion of its X1e instance group. This brings the total number EC2 instances for memory-intensive applications to six.
The x1e.32xlarge, which was launched in September, is the largest. The x1e.32xlarge was billed as AWS’ largest cloud-native instance, with 3.9TB DDR4 memory and support 128 virtual CPUs (vCPUs).
AWS added five instances to its family on Thursday. They range in size from 122GiB up to 2TB and support between four and 64 virtual CPUs. Below is a table that describes the full X1e lineup including the original x1e.32xlarge.
Jeff Barr, AWS evangelist, wrote in a blog post that “The instances are powered at 2.3 GHz by quad socket Intel Xeon E7 8880 CPUs, with large L3 caches, and plenty of memory bandwidth.” ENA networking and EBS Optimization are standard features, with up to 14 Gbps dedicated throughput (depending upon the instance size).
AWS also announced this week that it has increased its service-level agreement from 99.95 percent to 99.99 percent.
AWS announced that the increased commitment was due to continuous investment in infrastructure and quality service.