Do I Bail on ROUTE SWITCH, TSHOOT, and SWITCH in Favor of 300-401

You’ve probably heard by now that the Cisco Certified Network Professional certification track, which currently consists of three exams and a prerequisite Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), is ending. February 23, 2020 is the last day you can obtain a CCNP credential using the current exam track. The current track will be replaced by a track that requires two exams, […]

The Five Benefits of Scrum Method

Definition of Scrum Let’s first define Scrum before we get into the details of the Scrum methodology. This blog post will explain the benefits of using the Scrum method. We will also discuss what Scrum certification means. “A set a tools and roles that work together.” This is how Altassian Agile Coach describes Scrum. It is a set of […]

Pivotal Adds One-Click AWS Integration

Pivotal Software Inc. added one-click integration with the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) cloud to its Cloud Foundry Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering. Cloud Foundry is a hybrid cloud platform that allows you to provision, deploy and manage native applications. Pivotal has added AWS integrations to its portfolio of supported products, which includes VMware vSphere VMware Cloud Air and OpenStack. Pivotal announced […]

Phases of ethical hacking

Businesses and government agencies need ethical hackers to combat the increasing threat to IT security. Many experts, companies, and government agencies are increasingly realizing that shutting down your doors does not suffice to protect a system. Table of Contents What is Ethical Hacking? The Advantages of Ethical HackingTypes and Phases of Ethical Hacking As more companies seek to enter the […]

PENTEST + The next-best certification in Information Security

IT certification in Information security is an important aspect. It enables professionals to have in-depth knowledge that allows them to recognize the need for highly skilled security experts to prevent ethical hacking, and protect the network of an organisation. Pentest + is the next best certification PENTEST + is a intermediate level certification for professionals involved in vulnerability management and […]

PartiQL: Amazon’s New Query Language For ‘All’ Data

Amazon Web Services (AWS), announced PartiQL on Thursday. The new query language is said to be compatible with all data types, structures, and storage situations. “Each type and flavor of data storage may be suitable for a specific use case, but each comes with its own query languages. The result is a tight coupling between query language and data format. […]

PART 5 – CISA Domain2 – Governance and Management of IT

PART 5 – CISA Domain2 – Governance and Management of IT What is the criticality analysis and system classification? What are the components in Business Continuity Planning? What is Plan testing? 13. Criticality analysis and classification of systems: Critical – These functions are essential and cannot be performed unless they’re replaced by identical capabilities Vital – These functions are possible […]