AWS adds cloud back-end for mobile apps

Among the many announcements made at the re:Invent conference last week by Amazon Web Services Inc. was a preview for its new mobile hub that allows you to build, test, and monitor mobile apps that use Amazon cloud services. Basically, with the AWS Mobile Hub, now in beta, AWS is catching up to competitors in the Mobile-Back-End-as-a-Service (MBaaS) arena. The […]

AWS adds another SAP-Optimized EEC2 Instance

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), has added another X1 instance to its SAP HANA-optimized Elastic Compute Cloud Cloud (EC2) instances. Monday’s announcement of the x1.16xlarge was the smaller of the two X1 instances. This instance has 976 GiB memory and supports up to 64 virtual CPUs. It is half the size the x1.32xlarge that AWS launched in May. Other specs […]

AWS Adds Amplify Libraries to Create iOS and Android Mobile Apps Amazon Web Services has expanded its Amplify functionality — cloud tools/services that allow you to create mobile/web apps — by adding new iOS and Android libraries. AWS Amplify, which was introduced in 2018, provides mobile development services via cloud-based back-ends. It has three components:

Amplify Libraries: Open-source libraries and UI components to add cloud-powered functionality Amplify: An interactive toolchain that creates and manages a back-end to apps. Amplify Console is an AWS service that hosts full-stack, serverless web applications AWS stated in a May 27 blog that Amplify iOS and Amplify Android included libraries and tools (CLI Toolchain and IDE Helpers) that allow mobile […]

AWS adds 5 more sizes to the X1e Instance family

Amazon Web Services (AWS), is offering five smaller instances of its largest Elastic Compute cloud (EC2) instance. This week, the company announced an expansion of its X1e instance group. This brings the total number EC2 instances for memory-intensive applications to six. The x1e.32xlarge, which was launched in September, is the largest. The x1e.32xlarge was billed as AWS’ largest cloud-native instance, […]

AWS Launches Open Distro for Elasticsearch to Address Open Source Controversy

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), launched Open Distro for Elasticsearch to address the conflict between cloud operators, and the creators open-source projects whose code is used for cloud-for-pay services. AWS was under fire when it announced January’s Amazon DocumentDB service with “MongoDB compatibleity.” Some observers were critical of MongoDB Inc. which created the database and offers it as a proprietary […]

AWS acquires Security Firm Founded By NSA Vets

Amazon Web Services (AWS), has acquired a security software company with close ties to U.S. National Security Agency. Sqrrl Data, a Cambridge, Mass.-based company, announced its acquisition by AWS in a notice posted to its Web site this week. “We are thrilled to announce that Sqrl was acquired by Amazon. In a note, Mark Terenzoni, CEO of Sqrl, stated that […]

Book Review: Complete Guide to the PMP Exam

(This post contains affiliate hyperlinks. Please read my full disclosure. Henrique Moura’s PMP (r) study guide is simply known as the PMP Exam Complete Book. It is a complete guide for preparing for the exam. It begins with a context and overview of the whole thing. Then it dives into the knowledge areas and process groups. Henrique Moura, a project […]

Book review: PM Crash Course

(This post contains affiliate hyperlinks. Please read my full disclosure. “Don’t waste your time reading this book unless it is something you can actually use!” Rita Mulchay warns in chapter one of PMCrash Course: Premier Edition. “Make your decision now! Are you a project manager who can take on more responsibility? This book is a long, high-five-worthy read. Mulcahy can […]

Book Review: Optimizing Human Capital through a Strategic Project Office

(This post contains affiliate hyperlinks. Please read my full disclosure. I regret giving this book away. It’s a desk reference that I use for my current job, managing project managers. It’s very, very helpful. Optimizing Human Capital with a Strategic Project Office by Jeannette Cabanis–Brewin has an awkwardly long subtitle. It is also rather boring, with an outdated looking cover. […]

Book review: Naked Conversations

(This post contains affiliate hyperlinks. Please read my full disclosure. Naked Conversations explores the human consequences of blogging technology. It is not a technical book, and does not cover all aspects of creating and maintaining a blog. This is because blogging tools are so simple that a manual is unnecessary. It was written by two self-confessed blog champions, so the […]