The Science of Growth [Book Review]

(This post contains affiliate hyperlinks. Please read my full disclosure. Ever wonder why some companies become larger and more successful than others? Why do projects at one company always pay off while others don’t? Sean Ammirati’s book The Science of Growth explains how this happens. Its subtitle reads: How Facebook beat Friendster – and How Nine other startups left the […]

The Project Roles and Responsibilities Document

Is there a role and responsibility document for your project team that outlines what each person does? This is something you should do. It’s a simple document that helps to clarify who is contributing to the project. This article will explain what it is and how to use it. This article: What is a Roles and Responsibilities document? Why is […]

The Experts’ Forum Risk Doctor

David Hillson stated that “the risk people are business prevention people” at the beginning of his presentation at Gower Experts Forum at National Centre for Project Management. He noted that 2009 CHAOS results are not that different from those of the beginning of CHAOS: 24% of projects fell into the ‘Failed’ category last year, 44% were ‘Challenged’, and only 32% […]

The Resilience Breakthrough [Book Review]

The Resilience Breakthrough opens by a powerful story that almost had me crying on the train. Christian Moore shares his story of academic triumph despite learning difficulties and being told that he would never make it big in his life. He gets up from the floor and continues to prove his doubters wrong after another knock. Moores explains and defines […]

The Reality of Difficult Participants [Interview]

(This post contains affiliate hyperlinks. Please read my full disclosure. I was enthralled by A Practical Guide to Dealing With Difficult Participants when I received it. I thought about the people I had worked with who were the most difficult. In my first job as project manager, I was frightened by an ex-army captain. The anti-fraud project that we worked […]

How to Study for CompTIA security+ in 10 Weeks

In the next five-years, there will be more cybersecurity jobs than qualified professionals. This is great news for security professionals but not for companies. CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 certification will allow you to enter this rapidly growing field. SPOTO training and other resources will allow you to learn CompTIA material in just 10 weeks and be prepared to take the exam. […]

How to Study for CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials

CompTIA Cloud Essentials was created for the non-technical professional. CompTIA Cloud Essentials is a great way to get started with the exam preparation. These tried-and-true methods can be used for all exams, even if your SPOTO subscription is not currently active. These are some tips that will help you study Cloud Essentials with or without SPOTO. Start with a realistic […]

How to become an AWS Cloud Practitioner

It is well-known that AWS’s complexity is the most daunting aspect. Although it is true that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, it is also true to say that the first step can be the most difficult. Amazon has made it easy to take your first steps into the cloud by offering a valuable entry-level certification […]

How to start using PowerShell: A Guide

“Yeah, I do know a little PowerShell.” – Any random system administrator Many statements are not as understated as they are overstated. Although they may not know much about PowerShell, some people who claim this are quite humble. Others think that knowing PowerShell is equivalent to knowing how to use it. It can be daunting to consider where to begin […]