How to prepare for the Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA) Exam. Blog

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA)? Are you interested in passing the CTFA – Certified Trust and Financial Advisor Exam If you answered yes, you are most likely in the right place. You know that getting certified with such high-profile certifications is not for everyone. To pass professional certification exams, you need to be […]

How to prepare for the Certified Network Defence Architect Exam.

In the last few years, IT has experienced a boom. The ever-changing technology has led to IT expanding in many directions. It is vital that an organisation’s safety and security are maintained. The Certified Network Defence Architect Credential is now available. These Network Defence Architects are closely associated with military and government organisations, offering them integrity as well as cyber […]

How to prepare for the Certified Coding Specialist exam (CCS(r).) Blog

Coding specialists are skilled at classifying medical data from patient files. They do this frequently in hospitals, but also in a variety other healthcare settings. The CCS credential certifies that a practitioner has demonstrated data quality and accuracy skills, as well as coding proficiency. Certified Coding Specialists, (CCS), create coded data that hospitals or medical providers can use to get […]

How to prepare for the Blue Prism Professional developer exam? Blog

It is clear that RPA is on the rise and many companies are looking for professionals such as the APD01 Blue Prism Professional developer. Robotics has taken over monotonous tasks that require human effort. Blue Prism is a tool that allows companies to automate repetitive tasks. Technological advancements have increased at an incredible pace. You must keep up with technology […]

If it’s written, it’s done!

It is helpful to write down your ideas to help you decide what you want. It is one of the main reasons why the Pomodoro Technique, GTD (getting things done), as well as Gantt Charts were so popular. An online collaboration platform can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. It can help you manage your time more effectively and […]

Identifying and resolving project failures

It is crucial to understand why a project might fail in order to ensure success. Project success can be achieved by identifying and addressing these possible project failures before they occur. User involvement is essential. It is impossible to say that the project was successful if it is not approved by the users. Users must be involved in the design […]

Identifying and managing toxic workplace behaviors

A project manager must plan and organize a project for kickoff and beyond. This is where the majority of the work happens. The goal is to get things running smoothly for the rest of the project. Nothing is better than a project running on time, within budget, and on schedule. Until someone in the team does something to disrupt that […]

I’m Big in Japan and 5 Other Project Management Myths

If you haven’t heard it before, “I’m big in Japan” is a way to boost yourself in an unimaginable manner. It means “To pretend you are someone of stature elsewhere, meaningless and unverifiable where your current position is.” ” Many people are guilty of overestimating their reach, ability, and impact. In order to win clients and make money, This is […]

Project Management: Human Resource Issues

Introduction Project management is the systematic monitoring of a project using various tools and the latest technology. Although project management used to be simple, it has become complex in recent years. This has reduced the chance of a project going sour but have you ever wondered why some projects fail despite using all strategies, tools and technologies? This is because […]