5 Phases of Project Management (Explained).

Each project has five phases. To deliver successful projects, you need to know all about them. Have you ever wondered why certain projects fail and others succeed? What is the difference between a successful and a failing project? The efficiency with which a project has been managed is what matters. This is affected by the phases of project administration. A […]

Project Management Offices aren’t just for Enterprises

You want to save money, increase team productivity, and ensure project success? You might consider setting up a project management office. It is said that managing a difficult team of project managers is like herding cats. Experienced project managers are well-versed in using project management software, soft skill, and sound planning to manage their kitties. But what do you do […]

5 Best Atlassian Jira Alternatives to Project Management Software

Atlassian Jira is a highly-rated project management tool. However, not all users will be satisfied with the Atlassian Jira product. These five Jira alternatives will help you choose the right software for your business. Atlassian Jira is a common tool for Agile software development. Its Kanban-style task tracking dashboards allow teams to stay on the same page about task status […]

New Feature: Activity List and “Undo”, Now Live

It’s now easier to track and monitor changes made to a project. No more opening your chart hoping that no changes were made. Or having to manually back up the project using multiple PDF exports or CSV files. This will make it easier to compare different stages of an ongoing project. TeamGantt’s new change tracking system makes it easy to […]

New Dashboard!

We are thrilled to have released a new dashboard last week. The new dashboard provides a quick overview of each project. It shows you how many tasks you have been assigned, how many are still available in all active projects, who has been invited to each project, and other details. Select All Projects: We added the popular “Select All Projectsā€¯ […]

Myths, miracles, and Messiahs: The Strange World of Recovery Projects

Project professionals can find themselves in very strange worlds, but not nearly as bizarre as the Recovery Project. In the spirit of all the amazing things one sees and hears while on such assignments, here are some highly opinionated perspectives and satirical perspectives about this dark category of rogue programmes and projects. How do you spot a Recovery Project. To […]

My 9 Favorite Accessories for the Home Office

We’ve written about why TeamGantt employees work remotely before. Working remotely is a joy for us. This is why I have spent the last few years trying to optimize my home office in order to be more productive and comfortable while working remotely. Although it’s always difficult to achieve, there are some things that have had a significant impact on […]